Pick up Graffiti Kits

Pick up locations are :

Omaha Libraries
(most popular So. Omaha Library)

Under the Sink ( 120th and I St)

Public Works - 1819 Farnam St - 6th Floor

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Since 2012 The City of Omaha along with the help of, The Graffiti Consultants, of San Jose California, that created a comprehensive plan specifically designed for Omaha which can be viewed at Graffiti Blueprint to help address vandalism in a coordinated, citywide effort through prevention, intervention, and enforcement has had a 92% reduction in residual graffiti. It has been proven that public education and community involvement has a direct impact on reducing vandalism within a community.

Graffiti affects communities in so many different ways. Graffiti sends the signal that nobody cares, attracting other forms of crime and street delinquency to neighborhoods. Graffiti decreases a resident's feeling of safety. Neighborhoods with graffiti see a decrease in property values, loss of business growth and tourism, and reduced ridership on transit systems. Graffiti drains tax dollars. Funds that could be used for schools, roads, parks, and other community improvements, are used for graffiti clean-up. The City of Omaha Public Works Department budgets about $554,000 annually on the Graffiti Program. This does not include the dollars that area businesses have donated to the program or what local neighborhood associations spend on graffiti removal kits and supplies or what private property owners spend on damage, this figure could be well over $750,000 annually

The Mayor’s Office, along with City Council and the Graffiti Abatement Staff made a commitment to make a difference in graffiti abatement citywide. We have created an Anti-Graffiti Collaborative Partnership (Graffiti Action Partners- GAP) with partners from the Mayor’s office, City Council members, Omaha Police Gang Unit, Douglas County Attorneys, City Prosecutors, Parks and Recreation Staff, and Neighborhood Association Representatives, Douglas County Staff, Local Art Studios, surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies and Public Works Departments. The fight against graffiti is a top priority in the City of Omaha. We have made great strides to keep our city beautiful and prideful of its appearance. Our abatement staff works very hard day to day, but also know that it is not a battle that we can win on our own.

By joining forces with the County Attorney’s Office, City Prosecutors and the Omaha/Douglas County Probation office will strengthen the prosecution process for individuals arrested for graffiti vandalism. Parents need to understand that they are accountable for their child’s actions.

Young people need to understand the clear difference between legal forms of graffiti and graffiti vandalism. The difference is its placement! Art is placed with written permission; graffiti is vandalism because it is done without the written permission of the property owner.

The City cannot succeed in its mission to eradicate vandalism without the support and participation of its residents. Please join us by becoming a volunteer.

To Report Graffiti

Call the Mayor’s Hotline (402) 444-5555 or use the City's Report an Issue.