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City of Omaha - Nebraska

Omaha Public Works
Graffiti AbatementOmaha, Nebraska

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Your kit provides basic tools necessary to help safely remove graffiti in your neighborhood. Safety goggles, gloves should be worn when using graffiti removal chemicals. Please read all product safety instructions before using any materials in your GAP kit.

When Using Contents Of Graffiti Kits:

USE Tagaway® (16oz/24oz spray bottle) on signs, utility boxes, poles on playgrounds – Spray solvent onto graffiti, use scrub brush to agitate it and then wipe it off with towel. (Use paint brush to work in to crevices if needed)

USE Removes-All® graffiti wipes on signs, utility boxes, and playground equipment- Remove one towel (similar to Clorox wipe) and scrub on graffiti… use towel to wipe away residue.

USE Silver spray paint - Use Only on Traffic Signal Boxes and Metal Poles - Shake can and hold back about 2 inches, when covering try squaring the area and feathering it out.

Safety Tips!

Thank you for registering with the City of Omaha’s Graffiti Action Partners (GAP) Volunteer Program. The GAP is dedicated to a graffiti-free environment through education, community involvement and to the quality of life of its citizens. We are committed to preserve property values and neighborhoods; safeguard the safety and welfare of citizens; and to promote community pride and stewardship.

We are happy to join our efforts to keep Omaha beautiful! As a GAP volunteer, your safety is very important to us, please adhere to the following safety rules and precautions:

  • Wear light or bright colored clothing- dress according to weather conditions and the type of work you are doing
  • Wear work gloves and goggles and masks- Skin protection is always needed. Safety goggles should be worn when using chemicals or when working on any overhead surface, and chemicals can be absorbed into the body through skin or inhaled, the safety mask will protect you.
  • Wear hard sole, closed toe shoes- to prevent possible injuries, sandals or open-toes should not be worn.
  • Work only under daylight hours and under good weather conditions- visibility is very important when involved in graffiti removal clean-ups.
  • Practice good safety habits- look out for other members on your clean up team or others around you when removing graffiti and avoid distracting them while working. Remember the purpose of the clean-up is the safe removal of graffiti.
  • Drink plenty of fluids- all seasons of the year it is important to stay hydrated.
  • Rest when needed- do not overexert yourself, take rest breaks.
  • Volunteers under the age of 17 must have adult supervision- one adult supervisor to five youth volunteers is recommended for group activities.
  • Alcohol or drugs- are not allowed when you are volunteering for graffiti removal
  • Peak traffic hours- schedule your clean-up time during off-peak hours.
  • Sun protection- always protect yourself from the sun by putting on sunscreen before and during your volunteer time

Please contact the Graffiti Abatement Coordinator, Kayleen Young for any questions and for refills when your solvents run out.

Kayleen Young 402-444-5245 office and or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have Fun - Be Safe - Look Out For Each Other!

Graffiti Kit Instructions: English / Spanish