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City of Omaha - Nebraska

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Graffiti AbatementOmaha, Nebraska

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Graffiti Action Partners (GAP)

Graffiti vandalism is a costly crime that not only destroys property but also young lives. The best way to combat this increasing epidemic is to begin the education process at a young age before the destructive habits begin to take root. The City of Omaha’s GAP has assembled a comprehensive anti-graffiti campaign targeted at elementary age school children called OPERATION WIPE OUT! This program is designed to introduce then anti-graffiti message to elementary children through using basic concepts. It also has the flexibility for incorporation into the classroom for on-going reinforcement through art projects or writing assignments. We encourage teachers to use their creativity and to expand upon this subject introduction as an important learning moment in the lives of our children.

This project explains to children:

  • What graffiti is

  • That it is a crime

  • What happens to areas that are plagued by graffiti

  • What happens to people who write graffiti, and

  • How they can help

The message of the project is:

  • To respect other people’s property

  • Not to become a graffiti vandal

  • Help keep the community clean by asking an adult to report graffiti when they see it.

  • Tools used to deliver the project’s message:

  • Brief kid friendly Power Point presentation (available soon)

  • Two sided English/Spanish parent flyer that explains the parental responsibilities for their children’s actions as it relates to graffiti.

  • OPERATION WIPE OUT GRAFFITI Project outreach items for kids: rulers, pencils, and rubber bracelets with the “OPERATION WIPE OUT GRAFFITI” logo on the bracelet.

This program is being developed and will be updated as materials are available.
Please see links below for materials available now.

Keep America Beautiful Graffiti Prevention Guides

Keep America Beautiful Graffiti Prevention Teacher Guide 

Special thanks to the City of Oxnard, California for all the information and for letting our city adopt this program and adjust it to fit our City.