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City of Omaha - Nebraska

Omaha Public Works
Graffiti AbatementOmaha, Nebraska

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The City Of Omaha, the Police Department, and the City of Omaha Criminal Justice System is dedicated to tracking and apprehending and prosecuting graffiti Vandals.


  • In the City of Omaha, graffiti vandals are subject up to three months in jail, a fine of $500.00 or BOTH; and for a second offense the offender can receive up to 5 years in jail, fine up tp $10,000 or both such fine and jail time.

  • The parents of juveniles convicted of graffiti vandalism may be responsible for the payment of fine(s), and for the damages if they are under 18, pursuant to 43-801 R.R.S. Neb.
  • Convicted graffiti vandals can serve up to 120 hours of community service.

  • Convicted graffiti vandals could also face revocation of their Driver’s License.

  • Juveniles convicted of graffiti vandalism convicted graffiti vandals could be ordered to take a Graffiti Education Class with their parents.

  • Graffiti vandals can be given Searchable Probation, meaning that Probation Officers, and/or Police Officers can search their person, home, bedrooms at any time, if graffiti implements are found they can be arrested and charged with possession.

  • Convicted graffiti vandals can be forced to pay restitution to the City for cost associated with abatement, if restitution can not be paid additional community service hours may be added.

Ordinance of the City of Omaha

Municipal Code - Graffiti